Experienced. Flexible. Cost effective.

Renergy is an outsourcing company for engineering services.
We design renewable energy projects globally and help EPC companies be more flexible.



Cost efficiency and human resources are the key to success for global EPC contractors.

Renergy provides ‘on-demand’ engineering services. We act on a short notice and adapt to your requirements. Our design teams work within your corporate templates and use your preferred communication tools.

Preliminary design

Renergy provides customized support for producing bid design documentation within the clients' templates - preliminary conceptual layouts and simulations, single line diagrams, indicative BoM etc.

Execution design

Renergy elaborates all parts of a detailed design package needed for construction - layouts, details, calculations & reports, bill-of-materials (BoM) etc. Our design teams are able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.


Renergy provides technical consultancy and commercial support to developers, investors and EPC contractors.

Technical consultancy

We create ‘value engineered’ design concepts. Our experts help you evaluate technical documentation – feasibility and grid connection studies, building permits, environmental impact assessments etc.

Commercial support

Our commercial experts support your procurement team to select suppliers of strategic components according to the design concept. We organize and run RFQ procedures, evaluate suppliers and short-list BOS e.g. EPC contractors.

Engagement Models

Different companies have different needs. That is why we have set up three models of engagement.


The client defines Scope of Works for a given project and Renergy delivers in a certain number of working hours, remunerated at a mutually agreed rate. A project engineer on the client’s side is ‘project owner’. Renergy produces regular reports exhibiting how every manhour was spent on the project.

Outsourced (Extended) Team

For long-term projects Renergy dedicates a group of experts. We build project teams that match specific assignments. Resources can thus be scaled up or down according to current needs. Management control stays with the client, while Renergy facilitates the process and provides the experts.

Fixed Price

The client defines a fixed Scope of Works and requires a definitive budget for a set of deliverables (e.g. Lump Sum). The Fixed Price model is similar to Engineering-On-Demand, whereas possible amendments are calculated in advance and covered by the Lump Sum, thus capping costs.

Experienced. Flexible. Cost effective.

Engineering & design competence on-demand.


Renergy’s founders have an EPC company background.
We know our clients’ needs and constrains out of practical experience.

Nikola Gazdov

Managing Partner

Ivo Tsachev

Managing Partner & CTO


Renergy has designed 250+ utility scale solar and storage projects exceeding 5 GW.
The execution design projects we have elaborated exceed 370 MW.

At a glance

  • Experienced. 250+ utility scale solar and storage projects globally (5 GW).

  • Flexible. Design support on-demand; Ability to work on multiple projects.

  • Cost effective.Very competitive commercial rates. Idle time not charged.


March 2019

Renergy developing 140 MWp solar projects in Denmark

Renergy, a technical solutions service provider, announced it is working on two utility scale solar power projects in Denmark, totaling 140 MWp. The company is collaborating with a local partner with a strong wind and oil & gas sector background.

“Denmark is widely known as one of the countries with the best wind resources in Europe. In recent years solar has also started to gain traction - in Denmark and across Scandinavia. We are focused on scaling up our activities in Northern Europe and the current pipeline is a proof of our commitment.”, said Nikola Gazdov, CEO of Renergy.

“Strong partnerships are key to achieving sustainable growth. We are proud to be supporting an experienced local stakeholder by elaborating a value engineered design and selecting the right suppliers.”, added Gazdov.

The projects will break ground by the end of the 2019 and commercial operation is scheduled for the first half of 2020. The developments are part of a larger solar pipeline being developed by Renergy’s partner.

May 2017

Renergy is awarded 550 MW in Australia

Engineering solutions provider Renergy has been selected to elaborate the design documentation of five solar power plants in Australia. The total capacity of the projects is roughly 550 MWp, each of them being between 40 MWp and 200 MWp.

The assignments are executed in collaboration with three different project developers e.g. EPC companies with a global footprint. The design works are to be delivered by June 2017. Several other deals in Australia and the broader APAC region are currently being negotiated and are expected to be realized in Q3 2017.

“The market entry in Australia marks a key milestone for Renergy”, according to Nikola Gazdov, Managing Partner of Renergy. “After having successfully implemented over 70 solar projects world-wide, we are now expanding our activities in APAC. The PV market in Australia is currently booming and we see a sizeable number of large scale projects being developed and executed. There is also quite a demand for engineering and design solutions in cost-sensitive markets like Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia.”


Renergy has recently delivered projects in EMEA and LATAM. Covering a broad range of activities – from designing carports of 200 kWp in France and rooftops of 2 MWp in Belgium to preparing the bid design for several triple digit MW projects in Nigeria and Ethiopia, we are actively supporting our partners to enter new markets in a flexible and cost-efficient manner. Together with top-tier European companies Renergy has organized RFQ procedures for engineering, procurement and construction of utility scale projects in LATAM and EMEA, covering diverse markets like Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco and Jordan.

For further details, please contact: info@renergy-bg.com

December 2016

Renergy designs 1 GW of solar projects in 2016

Renergy contributed to the development and execution of more than thirty solar projects in 2016. ‘This year our engineers designed nearly 1 GW of solar projects globally. We made a strategic decision to focus on emerging markets and reduced our dependency on Europe’, commented Nikola Gazdov, CEO of Renergy. ‘Solar tenders in the Middle East and Latin America are highly competitive. Our flexible design service helps EPC companies and IPPs to optimize their bids and achieve lower overall costs of project execution’, added Gazdov.

South America

In 2016 Renergy elaborated the preliminary design of 5 projects in Mexico exceeding 750 MW. The biggest one was a combined wind and solar plant (286 MW), owned by a major European developer. Meanwhile, 4 projects in the range of 2 MW to 10 MW were designed in Chile in partnership with a local construction company. New opportunities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico hold a lot of promise for business in 2017.

Middle East

In Q3 and Q4 2016 Renergy was involved in a score of utility scale projects in MENA. For the bid design of two solar projects in Dubai (20 MW), the company teamed-up with a leading engineering company specialized in oil and gas. Renergy collaborated with a major Chinese player by elaborating a value-engineered design of a 60 MW solar plant in Jordan that is part of a regional pipeline exceeding 500 MW. Currently, Renergy is involved in designing a group of utility scale projects in Morocco that shall be constructed in 2017.

Europe and USA

In Europe Renergy’s team executed the design works for more than a dozen projects. ‘UK was our key market in the last couple of years. There will surely be a slowdown in 2017 but several ‘solar & storage’ projects will be implemented in 2017 and we look forward to being part of the process’, so Gazdov. In Q4 2016 Renergy designed a 10 MW solar plant next to a German cement factory. ‘Solar is now attractive for commercial and industrial players in central Europe. We are available to serve as an engineering and design partner for these clients and their EPC contractors’, added Renergy’s CEO. As part of the company’s global strategy, Renergy is currently preparing its entry in USA. The pipeline for 2017 includes projects on the East Coast and in California. The North-American operations will be carried out in collaboration with a local engineering partner.

Experienced. Flexible. Cost effective.

Engineering & design competence on-demand.

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